Some Unusual scratch-built, kit-built or kit-bashed models of EBT equipment
EBT Coach #20 "Orbisonia" from a wooden Carter Bros Coach Kit. (P. Thornton)


EBT 2-Bay Steel Hopper made by combining two 1:22.5 3-bay Bachmann hoppers. (P. Thornton)
EBT Steel Boxcar made from a McCown acrylic kit. (Bruce Chandler)
EBT 2nd generation wooden boxcar, from a Bachmann 1:20 boxcar. (P. Thornton)
EBT Coach #3, modified from an Accucraft J&S coach.  (P. Thornton)
EBT Models from Geoff Ringle. 
His weathered RYM Mikado #14, (in front of the D&RGW coaling tower on the RGSEast.)
Another steel boxcar from an LSC/McCown acrylic kit.  (Geoff Ringle)

A pair of scratch-built steel flats, including #73, the 'fishbelly'.  Lots of unseen rivets on the center sills.  (Geoff Ringle.)


 Coach #12, made by extending a standard Accucraft J&S coach by 4', then adding windows.
The board and batten sides were done by covering the originals with thin styrene. (P. Thornton)

The provenance for this model is unproven, but Geoff and I reckon it was like the original #26. (P. Thornton)
It was built on a flatcar and had coach trucks added.  Finally, the cupola was removed for work train service.

Caboose #28 (P. Thornton)
This was a 'kit' designed by Geoff Ringle and sold as finished models through RYM, who provided many details parts.