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Note - Project Abandoned due to lack of rivets.
This is the latest Project email:
As you know, we're working on a model of M-1, the EBT's Gas-Electric railcar.  The current plan is to cut the body in styrene and insert the 1,000+ rivets by hand using Grandt Line O-scale plastic rivets.
Alan Friedland of G.A.L. (link below to his website) has been enthusiastically supporting us, and did a test cut of the sides early this year.  Here's the 'box' on Roger's bench - you can see most of the holes for the rivets.
We sourced some 33" wheels - Dave Queener has them for his standard gauge F-scale models, and he will be fitting some to an Aristo FA power brick with a shaft extension on its rear axle drive to push it out to 8' wheelbase.  We are still working on a source for the sideframes - brass castings might make sense.  The roof can be done with wood strips like the prototype with a fiberglass/epoxy cover to hold it together, we think. 
I have just about completed the drawings for the sides and ends which will be the major styrene parts.  We will be asking Alan to do another test cut soon.  This will take some time and effort on his part to convert the drawings to something the laser can cut, and he has rightly asked what commitment we are making to the project.
So it is time to raise your hand.  As you can see from his email below, the 'kit' for the sides, ends, and other styrene parts is expected to be $265 + shipping.  We will be asking for a deposit before he cuts parts for the final kits - probably some time next year.
Send me an email to let me know if you are in and want a kit, or just watching the fun.  Thanks!
P. Thornton
Annapolis, MD

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From: Alan
To: 'Peter T'
Sent: Wed, Nov 10, 2010 7:39 pm
Subject: RE: M-1 quote

The each price is $265.00 plus shipping. (15.00)
I would like a commitment of at least 5.
To include:
2 – 12” x 32” x 2mm sheets cut, etched, and drilled for rivets.
1 – 12” x 24” x .5mm sheet cut, etched, and drilled for rivets.
1 – 12” x 24” x 2mm sheet cut, etched, and drilled for rivets.
Fred2179 T,
Nov 11, 2010, 6:36 AM